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Oak Tree 2020

Autumn term 1

Our class teacher is Mrs Smith, supported by Mrs. Warriner and Miss Armitage. On Wednesday mornings, Mrs. Hilton and Mr. Raine ( PE coach) take the class. 

Oak Tree Homework :


Daily reading - the children have all been given a reading book which should be read on a daily basis. Many of the books have questions and guidance at the end so if parents have a few spare minutes, it would be lovely if you could spend some time discussing what your child is reading. We are working this term on higerh order reading skills such as inference, deduction, prediction and summarising as well as developing vocabulary skills and knowledge. Please download the 'Reading Vipers' booklet to help formulate questions for each of the reading skills. 

SpellingsWe are not doing weekly spelling tests but I have put a spelling revision book with some activities on this page ( see below) . Children should practise the spellings and do some of the activities which we will then practise in class on Thursdays.

Times Tables: these should be practised a few times  a week ready for the timed test on Wednesdays. See the links below.

After half term, there will be a weekly maths sheet or activity to download or complete. 

Friday 16th October 2020


This term we will be revising the statutory word lists from Year 3 and 4 as a homework activity and practising and learning the Year 5 and 6 spelling rules and patterns in class. Please find below the link to the spelling activity booklet - I would like you to work on two sets of spellings per week  (there are two to a page) then use some of the spelling challenge cards to help you install these in your long term memory. 

Please practise the spellings on page 6 of the booklet this week ( the lists starting with 'century'   and 'question').



I will not be giving you a formal spelling test but we will be practising these spellings in class on Thursday.

Times Tables.

In preparation for your tables  test on Wednesdays, please practise your times  tables . The Top Marks site has some excellent  games to help you.



 Ask an adult at home to either work through the questions at the back of your reading book ( Big Cat books) or ask them to download the Reading Vipers attached below so you can talk about what you have read and develop your understanding. Please complete one ( or more if you want ) of the reading journal tasks you have in the back of your exercise book. Also, choose two questions from the Reading Vipers and answer them in your reading journal. 


Please bring your reading journals into school on Wednesdays and Fridays, having completed the reading activities. 

Words of the Week

nuisance    hindrance

Check the meanings of these words and think how you would use them . 

Have a lovely weekend.






Complete the balanced argument about school uniform on google docs and share it with me. 

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